Underdogs Animal Rescue is a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) non profit all-breed animal rescue. We are dedicated to changing the perception of the “underdog” – the forgotten ones, the misunderstood ones, the ones that get picked last (or don’t get picked at all). We give these longshots the opportunity to beat their odds, confident that they will prove that the underdog is the best dog, every single time.

All of our underdogs (and a few cats) are saved from overcrowded partner shelters and rescue groups, where they would have otherwise not received a much-deserved second chance. Our adoptable animals are placed in foster homes, which allows us to continue working on socialization and basic training, and to assess best-fit placements for our adopters. We believe that adoption, education, advocacy, and community partnerships are our best chance at solving the pet overpopulation crisis in our country and beyond. Underdogs seeks to continually expand our team of heroes. Please join us today, we have so many more lives to save!

meet the team

Megan Weber

Founder & Director

A passionate believer in the Underdog and the power of the bond between animals and humans to change the world for the better, Megan founded Underdogs Animal Rescue in 2015 with the goal of helping to save the lives of homeless companion animals who are too often overlooked on account of breed bias, age, medical and behavioral needs, and even color.

Megan is a former attorney turned full-time self-proclaimed “weird dog lady” who has been rescuing animals in need for over ten years. In 2007, Megan rescued the original Underdog, Frank, a black lab/pit bull mix puppy, and the world’s best dog, from a rural town in Colorado, where he was found abandoned in a blizzard. Since then, she has saved hundreds of dogs (and a few cats) and has committed her life to proving that every animal is an individual, every life is worth saving and true change is possible through teamwork, education and advocacy, and good old-fashioned rescue hustle.

A native of Grand Haven, Michigan, Megan graduated from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and the University of Denver School of Law. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with her significant other, Jack, their three resident mutts, Frank, Frannie, and Fiona, and an ever-revolving crew of Underdogs fosters.

Maureen Oakley McCauley

Marketing & Events

Born outside of Chicago, but a transplant to Singapore and now Colorado, Maureen volunteers as our marketing and events producer. Her love of animals started at a young age, growing up with numerous pets and rescue pups throughout her life. She has been involved with many nonprofits, but found her niche with animal rescue and is thankful that her passion for dogs can now extend past her own two rescues, Claude Monet and Tucker, and have an even larger impact. Maureen is a producer and brand strategist and loves bringing this background to Underdogs.

Valerie Moore

Foster & Volunteer Coordinator

Valerie grew up in south Florida with a family of animal lovers, and tried her hand at social work and law prior to settling into a career in construction management and estimating. After volunteering with several non-profits, Valerie found a perfect fit in her role as Foster and Volunteer Coordinator with Underdogs, bringing organizational and management experience, combined with a love for animals and passion for service to others. Valerie shares her home with a rotating cast of Underdogs foster pups, as well as her own two rescues, Billy (cattle dog, foster mentor extraordinaire) and Posey (pibble, Underdogs foster fail).

Jordan Bennett

Marketing, Events & Foster Coordinator

Jordan is our multi-purpose coordinator of many many Underdogs things. She helps manage our foster team, while also playing a key role in our event planning, as well as helping to ensure our regulatory compliance. Using the color coded, OCD project management skills she brings from her Project/Account management background - she's keeping Underdogs everywhere organized! An avid horseback rider, her passion for four-legged creatures was extended when she became a foster for Underdogs with the Big Springs 8. Her house is now home to Ellie, an Underdogs foster failure, with the personality to match her big ears!

Sandra Jacoby

Development Coordinator

Sandi was born and raised on a small farm in rural Wyoming. It was here that her love for animals began. Growing up, she raised orphaned lambs, stole barn cats from her neighbors to "raise them as her own," once tried to save a dying duck by giving it CPR that she wasn't trained to do (which might be the reason it didn't make it), and in college saved a half-hatched wild gosling from a dog and raised it in her apartment! Since moving to Colorado, her rescue feats are a little more focused on canines. She joined Underdogs in 2016 in order to play a bigger role in rescue missions. Her home-based assistants to this job include a usually cooperative husband, Craig, her never-helpful canines, Sully and Breslin, and most recently a newly hired but still in training daughter, Hollis.

Meredith Karre

Transport Coordinator

Meredith, Underdogs Transportation Coordinator, is the proud doggy mom to Underdogs alums, Henry and Charlie. Meredith (together with Henry and Charlie) happily continues to foster other Underdogs while helping to find their perfect forever families. When not playing with her four legged-buddies, Meredith can likely be found running or with her nose in a book. A child protection attorney by profession, Meredith's ultimate goals are to protect the vulnerable and give voice to the voiceless.

Cassie Rosch

Board Member & Photographer

Cassie Rosch is not only on the Underdogs Board of Directors, she also works full time as a Wedding, Commercial + Lifestyle Photographer. She has two pups named Scout + Tilly May, who were both rescued. She is originally from Wisconsin, and her love for travel has her typically visiting about 5-6 countries a year, including a trip to Thailand in 2016 with the Underdogs.