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Our family of five had two beautiful Lhasa ladies in our family for 13 & 15 years. When they crossed the rainbow bridge we waited awhile because we weren’t ready to replace them just yet. But then about 2.5 years ago, my brother-who had adopted his pittie from Megan-sent me a picture of ‘Abby’-a ┬áblack Cane Corso girl that was completely different from our Lhasas. But there was something in her eyes that wouldn’t let us ignore her. We met her later that day and she immediately won our hearts. Within the week she was ours and was incredibly shy at first. But as time passed, she came to realize we were her people and we can’t imagine our home without Tinkerbell-‘Tink’ for short-now.

And then came Piper…Megan posted a photo of her on Facebook and we fell quickly in love. The little lowrider looked like she might be just the thing our shy Tink needed. We went to meet her in Megan’s backyard and our sons wouldn’t leave without us agreeing to bring her home later that week. So we brought her home for a meet and greet with Tink and it went better than we could have possibly imagined. Tink showed a playful side we had never seen and Piper the Pittie became her constant companion that day and they’ve been inseparable since.

Our family is so thankful to Underdogs for the work you do and will look to you if our girls need another friend. We believe in what you do and how you do it and will always recommend you to our friends looking to expand their family.

With gratitude,
Rebecca Richards

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