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Daisy, Underdog of the Year

Our Underdog of the Year – Daisy!⠀

Daisy’s family is the definition of jackpot adopters. They’ve loved her (and remained steadfastly committed) through so much, in order to give her the forever home she truly deserves. We couldn’t love Daisy’s rescue story and her amazing family more. ❤️⠀

“When we brought our Underdog home, we knew she needed a completely new start. Daisy had a few health issues, she was vastly overweight, not house trained, and tried to fight any dog she could find. Fortunately, she loved humans and especially us. She has attempted to be by my side every second of every day for the last three and a half years and was ecstatic about her new home from the moment she walked inside. ⠀

Daisy was obviously a puppy factory and had way too many litters, so the idea of other dogs around did not go over well, at first. Her new dog-brother, Rambo, tried to play with her, but she didn’t know how to play yet, so it quickly turned to fighting.⠀She went through a lot of training and it took a lot of love, but slowly she became the most incredible dog we have ever known. ⠀

Daisy full-time job is now providing unconditional love, playing with tennis balls, protecting her new human brother, and tolerating her dog brother. She has become such a meaningful part of our family, that ours sons first word was “Daisy”. We feel so lucky that we were the ones that got to bring her home and receive her love and admire her beauty. We couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of Underdogs and everything they do. They saved Daisy but they also provided us with something we didn’t even know was missing from our lives. Thank you Underdogs! Please keep up your amazing work.”⠀

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