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Amber Muhammad & Beau

Our Beau came to us in the perfect “tail” of fate! We have always been a “dog family” and having a 4 legged hairy kid has always been a part of our lives! I knew we needed a new member to our furry family but time and the “right one” would determine our next family member. One day as I was casually browsing Facebook I noticed Meredith had posted a picture of a beautiful black (which would later be dark brown brindle and black) puppy with a white patch on his chest and a face that I knew I had to meet! Some could say it was love at first sight! I watched Meredith’s post for one day and I was certain Beau was our new baby, and BOY was I right! Meredith brought our new baby over to meet our family and I knew then for sure what my heart was telling me and that was, “This beautiful boy is your new fur baby!”

We are a big family, 5 kiddos (13,  12, 12, 3 and 5) and chaos is the name of the game! Beau came in, introduced himself to the kiddos, sniffed around, invited himself on the couch and he, too, knew our home was his new home! We all couldn’t be happier. There are so many times we have multiple children in the home (cousins and buddies) and Beau gets right in there and plays! Beau is our gentle giant and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He has world class manners (everyday at 6am he gently paws his mommy’s side of the bed to go potty), he says “thank you” after every meal (he lays his head in my lap and wags his tail), grabs his leash when he’s ready to give us all our evening exercise and keeps my 3 year old daughter company in her room until she falls asleep at night. In a nutshell Beau is the perfect puppy for our family and we couldn’t thank Underdogs enough for bringing him into our lives. He is that perfect fur baby we knew would pick us and not the other way around!

The Muhammad Family

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