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In one word, Higgins is magnificent. He loves all dogs, people, and cats. If you've ever looked around and thought to yourself "gee, there sure is a lot of empty space around me", fear not! Higgins will gladly fill that space for you.

Once he warms up to you, he follows you everywhere. He is the white shadow you never knew you needed. He has some trouble with his hind legs, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying a good walk or romp around the yard. He would, however, be best in a home without a lot of stairs and without a very rambunctious dog who may knock him over. He is a vocal boy and will tell you when it's time for dinner or if he wants your other dog to get up and move. It does sound like his vocal cords may have been snipped, but he still finds his voice and lives life fearlessly. His teeth are not those of a young dog, so his food does need to be softened if he is not provided with canned dog food.

Higgins is also a clever chap; those treats you thought were safe on your table cloth covered dining table are most certainly not. He seems to have a general understanding of physics and knows that if he tugs on the thing the treats are sitting on, the treats will fall with it. All this magnificent dog wants is a warm home where he can be loved on for the rest of his days. Give him that, and you will be rewarded for the rest of your life.

Underdogs is a small volunteer-based animal rescue and we unfortunately do not have the resources to respond to phone and email inquires about our adoptable animals at this time. If you're interested in learning more or setting up a meeting with one of our animals, please complete an adoption application first. It may take up to two weeks for application review and one of our coordinators will reach out to you as soon as we are through the intitial review process. We appreciate your patience and understanding! Thank you! 

Our Underdogs senior dog adoption fee is $175. 



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