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Guten Tag, I am Knox! As a refined gentlemen of 8 years, I know exactly who I am and I can’t wait to show you. I already love you as much as I love a good joke. In fact, I’ve got jokes of my own. I like to take this and put it there, while taking that and putting it there. Then we can walk around, find those things and have a good chuckle together. I’m a bit of a tease (flips hair), but I do enjoy letting you throw the fetching object while I pretend to bring it and OHHHH just kidding not gonna get it back! Ok maybe NOOOPE not gonna give it to you! Are we having a blast or what?!⠀

Round and Round Your Legs I’ll Go, Where I’ll Stop….will be at the couch right in front of you for pets and lovins. In my down time, you’ll find me to be a very loyal and good boy. I’ll catch up on some window watching on a lazy afternoon but if you call me, heck even if you call the cat, I’ll be there. I can't wait for you to meet me, let’s play a game and grab schnitzel soon!