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‘ello mates! M’name’s Spike and I would be chuffed to meet ya!

I’m a mature gentlemen of nine years and my English decent is responsible for my charm, manners and my jolly good nature. Though I’m a slightly older bloke, I’m quite spirited and enjoy everything from snuggly human companionship to mountaineering. I’m a man of all elements - I know how to have a good ol’ time in snow, sand, grass- your playground is my oyster. Your puppy and extremely hyper doodly creature are likely to chap my hide but I think some of my calmer peers would be acceptable, though I’d not object to having you all to myself. In fact, you’ll find me underfoot at all times. Think of us as an amazing team - biscuits & jam, fish & chips - together forever. 

I know where to do my business and I enjoy a good bath. I’m rather cheeky when I come out of the tub, it turns into a bit of a party, in fact. I can’t wait to meet you and see my new couch digs, so let’s throw back a pint and discuss our new upcoming life together soon!

God Save the Queen and Cheerio…..



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