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UPDATE: Dexter has done really meeting new pups since being at the shelter. 🙂 He’s such an awesome buddy and still waiting for forever best friends to adopt him!

Yo, yo, Colorado, where all my Dane people at??⠀

Because here I am! The most dashingly handsome doofus Dane, Dexter. Just hanging with my new friends at Adams County Animal Shelter. I’m actually super pumped to be here (albeit sometimes a bit perplexed - but let’s focus on the pumpedness). I mean, these people just get me, you know? Which is such a relief, after being so misunderstood for most of of my first five years of life.  It was a very confusing, and sometimes downright scary, time. But peace see you later old life! 👋 ⠀

I LOVE all the humans and live to entertain them with my comedic antics and witty banter. And FYI, snout scratches and lap sitting are my most favorite. I’ve read all the fairy tails, and sure would love to know more about this “(hu)man’s best friend” business. I’ve never had a best friend before. ⠀

My best fit new best human would be dog (and even better Dane or large breed) experienced, who is up for giving me the time, patience and training I’ve never had. And lots of snout scratches. Obviously. I could live with another calm confident pup, but a meet and great (and the requisite dog savvy human) is a must. Please email, to learn more about me, and/or to fill out an application to be forever best buds. I can’t wait to meet you!  ⠀



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