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Grandpa Bob

Grandpa Bob (aka Angel, Poodle Oodle) seems to have had a loving family the first part of her life. She was happy, healthy and had regular visits to  her veterinarian and then it all stopped. Our guess is her family either passed or went into assisted living and she was rehomed. Her life the last 3 years are a mystery to everyone but Grandpa Bob. She ended up in a shelter as a stray, her tiny little three pound frame covered in matted hair, her teeth were rotten and eyes were cloudy.  Grandpa Bob got cleaned up, had all but one tooth pulled and showed just how resilient she is. She has a clean bill of health and for a 15 year old that has lived on her own for a few years, that makes for a tough little cookie in our book. Grandpa Bob weighs a full five pounds now and that is including her one and only remaining tooth. She has a few little rough spots on her spine that eventually might require some pain meds but for now she is spry and spunky.  Grandpa Bob currently dines on pureed chicken, green beans, noodles and pretty much anything you can put in a blender. Don't let her little figure fool you, the girl can eat. She will remind you when it is feeding time.

Grandpa Bob loves to be around her people. She loves playing with toys and entertains herself by throwing them around and retrieving them herself. She likes to explore the yard and going for walks. She gets along with dogs and she likes to bark at a cat once in a while. They just ignore her. 

If you like sleeping in, constant companionship, a little buddy that will lick all the food off of your face and someone that will cuddle up next to you for lots of nap time then Grandpa Bob is your girl. 

If you're interested in adopting Grandpa Bob, please fill out an adoption application here:

Underdogs is a small volunteer-based animal rescue and we unfortunately do not have the resources to respond to phone and email inquires about our adoptable animals at this time. If you're interested in learning more or setting up a meeting with one of our animals, please complete an adoption application first. It may take up to two weeks for application review and one of our coordinators will reach out to you as soon as we are through the intitial review process. We appreciate your patience and understanding! Thank you! 

Our Underdogs senior dog adoption fee is $175 which includes spay/neuter, microchip, and up-to-date vaccinations. 

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