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Every senior pup deserves a life of leisure - and darling gentleman Stuart is no exception! This 14 year old Boston Terrier is looking for a comfortable couch and a warm lap to enjoy for his retirement years. 

Stuart is super sweet and does well with respectful, calm dog friends of all sizes - and cats too - who give him the chance to participate in all his favorite activities: meandering about, sunning himself, and taking big naps. (Puppies and energetic dog friends are not his cup of tea.) House trained and a very good boy with respectful kids, Stuart loves to be close to his family, soaking up all the pets and attention he can find.

Given his age, Stuart is on a pain management plan for arthritis, but he gets around well - just at his own (slow) pace, so his dream home has minimal stairs. He does well on a leash, but mostly enjoys sniffing around in the yard for a few minutes at a time. Stuart (or Stu, if he's feeling casual) is deaf which causes him some anxiety if he can't find his humans, which results in some barking. However, he has adjusted well in his foster home and would love a family who is home a lot so he can feel confident that those he loves are accounted for. 

Stuart is the sweetest old man who is looking forward to finding his forever retirement home and a family to love him as much as he deserves.


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