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Handsome elder gent Wally can't decide which is better- being cuddled or taking long naps. At fourteen years young, he is an expert in both subjects (and often combining the two), this sweet old man is seeking a forever home with most people and pets of all types. Young children who have not yet learned how to be gentle with tiny dogs might be a bit of a challenge, but otherwise he will make friends and try to snuggle most other creatures. If you have been considering senior adoption, this pup is ready to offer love and gentle companionship.

In his ideal home, Wally won't be alone too often. Another dog or cat to snuggle with when his people are away would be just swell. He really enjoys being "part of the pack." Stairs take a bit of an effort and require help from his human, but otherwise this gentle soul wants nothing more than to be near you while he softly snores away his golden years. 

Senior dog issues: Although his mobility and energy match that of a senior dog, he loves short walks around the yard or block. He also takes a twice daily "single zoom" across the room. Once he has a potty-break schedule, he does well sticking to it. His foster mom recommends a belly band for his first few nights in a new place, and leaving a potty pad for him - just in case - when you're going to be gone for a few hours. Wally is not currently on any medication, and he sleeps through the night very well. He doesn't have teeth, so his tongue sometimes sticks out and gets too dry. As long as he can frequently wet his whistle with fresh water, the dry tongue doesn't seem to bother him. Despite his lack of teeth, he is an enthusiastic dry-kibble and treat connoisseur. It is important that treats are broken into tiny pieces that can be swallowed whole.

With Wally in the house, you'll never be without a friend!

If you're interested in adopting Wally, please fill out an adoption application here: https://underdogsrescue.org/adopt-form/

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