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Winston the Warrior

My name is Winston the Warrior (formerly known as Winston the Worrier) and as my distinguinshed moniker suggests, I'm the bravest little scruffer in all the mountain lands. I'm a 3-4 year old (best guess) Westie/Cairn Terrier/Muppet mix who had a really rough go of it for my first few years. Despite being a super scaredy scruff when my Underdogs first met me, they knew that I was bound for better (and braver days), so we told that shelter and my bum deal past to "peace see ya later!" 

Since then, I've been learning all kinds of braveries, like neighborhood strolls, on-leash mountain adventuring and I'm even developing quite the penchant for mutt wrestling with my foster sibs. I've also developed into quite the ball player and will even, on occasion, bring it almost all the way back to you. So that's something, right?

It's especially something because I spent my first few freedom weeks in hiding in my crate cave. I'd never met a trustworthy human before, so I sure as heck wasn't about to trust the Underdogs ones.  But they aren't in the business of giving up on their own, and they assured me that slow and steady wins the race (or some kind of cheesy poster saying like that?), and eventually I started to believe them! I started mustering up my own gumptions and traded in cave hiding for sneak kissing my favorite human(s) (albeit after an extensive vetting process). I even started daring myself to do drive by lap pounces. My foster peeps kept slowly helping me to be my best bravest self, though, and one day I stopped hopping on my foster parents laps for pets, cuddles and kisses.

I LOVE my well-matched doggie friends. I'm hoping to meet a human or family of humans willing to always see my best bravest self, even when I might need some time and patience to show it. My foster mom tells me I have the most endearing and determined little scruffer heart and that to truly know me is to love me to the moon and back (yep, more poster stuff). So, if you also wanted to moon love me, that would be the coolest. And if you promise to be patient with me, I promise to someday (soon!) bring my yellow unicorn ball ALL the way back to you :)!

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