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Sampson is an absolutely darling and gentle 5-6 year-old, best guess, Boxer and Retriever mix. He gets along swimmingly with other pup friends, but really really LOVES his human buddies.  Sampson walks perfectly on leash, loves hikes and leans into his people so sweetly for cuddles. He's also a very accomplished ball player and gets so excited to show off his skils. His endearing little nose nudge for pets will melt your heart. We promise. Sampson has spent far too long at the shelter and needs a rescue miracle to get his much deserved second chance. He needs a hero foster or adopter to help save him! 

Sampson's videos:


If you are interested in adopting Sampson, please fill out an adoption application at https://underdogsrescue.org/adopt-form/.

If you are interested in fostering Sampson, please fill out a foster application at https://underdogsrescue.org/foster-form/.

Fostering for Underdogs can look a little different than some rescues - putting the dog's needs at the heart of everything we do means they stay with their fosters a bit longer in some cases. We want to make sure their families get to know them so we can make sure to find them the PERFECT home. And we also involve the foster families in the process (you have us to rely on through it all) because no one will know these lovely pups as well as the families who bring them in to be a temporary part of their own.

We do require that fosters are in it for the long haul since bouncing a dog around is really tough on the animal and on our volunteers - so we will never pull a dog for the program without a committed foster lined up. We promise to give you all the support you need!



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